2020: Future Plans / 2020: Future Plans

In 2019, a new Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association committee was elected. Unfortunately the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the association’s planned programme of public events for 2020 (talks, trips etc). These will be resumed when circumstances allow.
Because of the closure of public libraries due to Covid-19 finalization of the content of the next edition of of the association’s journal – The Blue Cap – has also been delayed. Work on this will resume as soon as possible.
From late March 2020, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association committee has been holding meetings on Zoom.  Arising from these meetings, work has begun on reviewing the association’s constitution, which has been in existence for 25 years. A sub-committee has produced a newsletter – The Old Tough – which will be regularly sent to members by email.
Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, the Association’s committee had begun work on plans to commemorate the centenary of the disbandment of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers and the other Irish regiments in 2022. Contact has been made with all of the Irish regimental associations in this regard.