The 2nd Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers and the Tragedy of Mouse Trap Farm, April-May 1915

By Tom Burke, MBE, Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association.

The 2nd Battalion was rushed forward on 23 April 1915 to stem the German breakthrough after the first gas attack of the War. The Dublins then went into the line at Mousetrap Farm. On 24 May, they were subjected to a major gas attack. Out of a strength of 668, 647 were casualties. This book covers the period from 25 April to 25 May when 127 were killed and 1,094 were missing. The reality behind the figures is conveyed through a number of personal stories.

“Tom Burke cannot just be commended by us for his work of remembrance; the very souls and remnants of those men must sing to him in whatever heaven they may have reached” Sebastian Barry, in his note on the cover.

45 pages. The price is €10. Available from the Association via email